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Talented Professionals

Danie Sierra

Danie is a streetwear content creator, model, and infamous NYC cool girl. She has an expert eye for all things fashion, art, and design. Her followers look to her for inspiration, as she embodies the perfect mixture of classic staples and effortless style.

Cheyenne Adler

Cheyenne is a freelance creative strategist for purpose-driven brands based in NYC. She inspires her community through her authentic personality that shines through all of her content. Proud of her imperfections, Cheyenne inspires her community by revealing the ins and outs of her everyday life- not just the shiny exterior.

Andrea Maria

Andrea is a veteran in the fashion and beauty space with over ten years in content creation. She’s pivoted to the wellness space as the founder of OMMM Program, where she leads guided kundalini yoga meditation classes in Spanish and English. She’s focused on preserving the quality of her connections within this community she’s built from the ground up.

Ashley Silva

Ashley is a bright content creator based in Los Angeles, California. She shares intimate moments of her time in the garden, her life as a dog mom, wife and fashionista. Her community looks to her for all things lifestyle related.

Ivanka Dekoning

Ivanka is a social media coach, member of the LGBTQ+ community, and fashion/beauty content creator. She works to raise queer awareness in the fashion and beauty space all while helping companies + freelancers harness the power of social media.

Kyra Santoro

Kyra is an actress, singer, and model based in California. Along with her TV appearances, she can be found in media outlets such as ‘Maxim Mexico,’ ‘Seventeen Magazine,’ ‘Elle,’ , and ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue‘. She connects with her community by sharing her best beauty secrets and always being on top of fashion trends.

Ziggy Mack Johnson

Ziggy is a stylist, lifestyle content creator, designer, and photographer. He’s a born and raised New Yorker currently based in LA who never hesitates to express himself freely. Ziggy just launched his own unisex collection "ZGY" and is working to turn his virtual looks into reality that his followers can have a piece of.

Holly Nichols

Holly is an author, illustrator, and content creator based in Boston. She’s known for her collaborations with TRESemme, Saks Fifth Avenue, Apple, Neiman Marcus, Disney, Amorepacific, and more. She can be found designing at her in-home studio, or right from the seats of fashion week.

Denny Balmaceda

Denny Balmaceda is a fashion blogger and content creator from the NJ/NY area. He believes fashion is temporary, but style is timeless. Since 2007, before it was cool, Denny was posting OOTDs on his blog and social media, since then he has inspired countless global followers to dress confidently within themselves.

Sam Livingston

Sam Livingston is a photographer and writer based in Los Angeles, California. She curates content surrounding ethical fashion, sustainability, wellness, homeware, travel and cooking. Sam has been photographing lifestyle imagery since 2015, and more recently, beautifully documenting her journey in mindful living across the board.

Selyna Brillare

Selyna is a trans Afro-Latinx Queens native. Her career as an entertainer started when she first went viral at 14. As a content creator, model, and rapper, she mixes humor, her Dominican heritage and social commentary on her experience as an out Afro-Latina trans woman to keep growing her audience and inspiring her community.

Shauna Wade

Shauna, founder of MoodyGrams, is a photographer and content creator based in NYC who focuses on all things travel and lifestyle. Along with her personal online space, she works with brands and businesses such as Apple, Google, and the like to create dynamic content and advertising.

Blake Steven

Blake, a UK transplant, is now an LA based fashion content creator, talented musician, model, videographer, and photographer. He’s world renowned for having a modern twist on traditional menswear staples, and his relatable demeanor makes fashion approachable for any guy who is looking to up their fashion game.

Amaka Hamelijnck

Amaka is a Dutch and Nigerian content creator and model based in the Netherlands. Amaka's focus is fashion, beauty, hair care, and what it's like being a young and upcoming influencer. She hosts the podcast Met De Gurnels (With the Gurnels), has partnered with brands like Levi’s, and has an audience who loves her style and relatability.

Daniela Lopez Osorio

Daniela is a Colombian model and content creator based in LA. After being discovered in Forever 21 at 17, she started her career with Sports Illustrated, then went on to become the first Colombian Victoria’s Secret model. In addition to being beautiful, she’s known for her kindness and positive energy that she carries with her in all that she does.

Isaias Hernandez

Isaias is an Environmental Educator and creator of QueerBrownVegan where he creates approachable forms of environmentalism through colorful graphics, illustrations, and videos. He provides a virtual safe space for like-minded environmentalists to advance the discourse around the climate crisis.

Chris Millington

Chris Millington is a veteran in the online fashion space. He's a former model, current creative, and photographer from Glasgow living in NYC. He’s known for his stylish take on classic vintage pieces, and continues to inspire his followers through timeless fashion.

Ivy Fischer

Ivy is an Atlanta based drag queen, content creator, and writer for Wussy Mag. When she is not fiercely slaying the stage in ATL, she’s proudly advocate for the trans community and works to highlight and create a dialogue about important issues within the LGBTQ community in genral.

Violet Benson

Violet is a Russian-born, American digital creator, podcast host, and actress. She's best known for her online persona, @DaddyIssues, and podcast, Too Tired to Be Crazy. Along with her online endeavors, she’s worked as the face for brands like Gucci, Vanity Planet, and more. She keeps her audience laughing, engaged, active, and most importantly honest.

River Viiperi

River is a Spanish-Finnish fashion model, actor, entrepreneur, and designer. When he's not working deals for brands like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, VOGUE and H&M, he is keeping his online audience engaged through fashion inspo, travel, and advice on his life as a businessman.

Karston • Skinny • Tannis

Skinny is an NYC based content creator, artist, photographer, podcast host, and storyteller. Specifically, he’s an expert in environmental photography, lifestyle and fashion. He’s worked his way into partnerships with brands such as W Hotels, the Gap, Grey Goose, and more.

Taisha Suero

Working in the fashion space for 10+ years, Taisha, is a veteran and experienced freelance celebrity stylist, fashion editor, and creative director. She’s a Dominican New Yorker who splits her time between NYC and LA. Her clients include Net-A-Porter, Coach, Amazon, Gilt Groupe, Amsale, and more. Her portfolio speaks volumes as she continues to spearhead cutting edge looks for multiple big name brands.

Chelsea Vaughn

Chelsea Vaughn is a runway model turned TV and internet personality. She made her TV debut on The Bachelor season 27. She didn't walk away from this with the final rose, but America has fallen in love with her. Since then, she returned to Brooklyn and continues her impressive modeling career.

Matt Broussard

Matt, cited as the most fun chef to watch on TikTok, is a Seattle based chef, content creator, and recipe developer. His simple and engaging videos continue to exponentially grow his audience. His content could show something as simple as cutting an onion, or putting together an original, complex recipe. Either way, his community loves him.

Daniella Grace

Daniella Grace is an LA based content creator, blogger, actress and model from Northern California. Though her content is focused on international travel, fashion, health and lifestyle, her real passion is snowboarding, hiking, basically any sport she can tap into on the snowy mountains of Tahoe.

Charly Arnolt

Charly is a television and radio host/reporter. She specializes in sports and entertainment. Starting in radio, she transitioned to TV as a ring announcer for the WWE, and is now broadcasting fulltime on ESPN. Charly has dabbled in the stand-up comedy space, which is evident in her light-hearted, hysterical personality.

Lilliana Vazquez

Lilliana is a Latinx style expert, author, and emmy-award winning host/TV personality and new mom. Her upbeat energy combined with a natural ability to connect with audiences has made her a household name.

Barrett Pall

Barrett is a queer, “jew-ish” content creator, life coach, journalist, UN partner and expert advocate. Through his career as a life coach he has worked with teams like International Royalty, COOs and Presidents of Fortune 500 companies, and celebrities. He dedicates his work to helping individuals, groups, and organizations to make their dreams a reality.

Kristy Drutman

Kristy, aka @browngirl_green, is a content creator dedicated to educating her audience on all aspects of climate change, environmentalism, and how her followers can make a difference.

Danielle Robay

Danielle is a talented journalist, TV host, and interview for NBC. She also has her own podcast, PRETTYSMART-- a podcast that’s been described as, “a love letter to women with something to say”.


Lola is a Latinx content creator, photographer, and model. From her gorgeous LA apartment, she shares her expertise in all things skin care, fashion, and clean beauty with her engaged and quickly growing audience.

Emily Luciano Escande

In a time where bright colors and loud patterns are more and more trendy, Emily keeps classics at the top of your wardrobe, and her followers love her for it. She’s currently living with her hubby in Paris, living all of our Parisian dreams.

Yola Robert

Yola is an Egyptian American content creator based in LA. She's also a writer, senior contributor for Forbes Magazine, podcast host, and mental health advocate.


Sally is a Mexcican-Salvadoran content creator working to teach her audience about hot to live a mindful life without letting fashion suffer. She's an advocate for the Earth, but she's always incorporating a bright, stylish spin.

Chelsy Christina

Chelsy keeps environmentalism approachable for her followers. She's quick to remind her audience that she's not the perfect environmentalist, but she's constantly doing her best to make a positive impact on climate change and empowering her audience to do the same.

JD Lovelss

JD is a digital creator based in New York City. He's an icon in the fashion industry, but his followers also love him for his skincare tips and travel stories.